DOIZPE accessories since the start, have been socially responsible and through the years the brand has evolved to be environmentally responsible, thanks also to the current available options that on the past weren't as accessible as they are nowadays. 

The brand plans on durability and optimisation of design, producing pieces timeless by silhouette and quality. Creating also #SlowFashion accessories to avoid using more of the necessary resources. Therefore, the accessories are produced per order.

We like transparency on each of the steps involved on the lifecycle of the accessories. The accessories are made with vegan leather, cactus leather and 50% vegetable leather - reducing the use of chrome for the leather alternatives. In addition to that, the brand is constantly looking for new alternatives to make each accessory more responsible. 

The production takes place in Guadalajara, Mexico. Where not just the weather is 365 days per year almost perfect, but also where the workers build each accessory in good conditions and around smiles and delicious food. 

DOIZPE is committed to always keep evolving to be better, not just on the environmental side but on each of the steps that are taken to create beautiful accessories.